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This page contains a list of metalworking forums that have links to my website posted by the members, and to which I contribute, most very occasionally, due to the number of forums.


Whilst, where appropriate, I give  the country in which the forum is based, all accept, and have, members from elsewhere.


If my comments about a forum are  wrong, or inadequate, I will be pleased to make changes. In this case do contact me via the correspondence page with details.

Clasic Steam Engine Engineering    A USA Historical Steam Engine Information Centre, full size and models.


CNC Zone    USA forum with CNC and non CNC content.


Home Made Tools     A website showing a very large number of workshop items (metalworking and non metalworking) made in the home workshop. Many have links to web pages where details of the design is found. There is also a forum.


Home Model  Engine Machinist    USA forum with an emphasis on model engine building and having a higher proportion of non USA members than many USA forums.


Machine Support     A predominantly CNC metalworking forum.


MadModder forum    A UK forum.


Metalworking Fun    A USA forum.


MigWelding the diy guide.   Almost exclusively welding but not all Mig.


Model Engineer Forum    UK forum linked to the Model Engineer and Model Engineering' Workshop magazines.


Mycncuk     A UK based forum and whilst CNC appears in the title there is a high proportion on non CNC included.


Practical Machinist     A USA Professional Metalworking forum.


Projects in Metal     A USA website with plans  and manufacturing methods for workshop equipment. Also includes a forum.


Shop Floor Talk    USA forum.


The Garage Journal      A USA based website with its main topic of conversation being the car, its upkeep, repair and restoration.


The Hobby Machinist    USA forum.


The Home Machinist     USA forum.


The Home Shop Machinist     USA forum linked to the Home Shop Machinist magazine.


UK Workshop     A UK woodworking forum with some metalworking content.


Woodwork Forums     An Australian woodworking forum with a large metalworking section.


Non English speaking forums.


C-N-C.CZ    Czech metalworking forum, mainly CNC.


Elforum    Romanian metalworking forum.


Foro Metal Aficion    Spanish metalworking forum.


Forum CNC    Polish CNC forum.


Kotiverstas    A Finish forum covering many hobbies, metalworking being one of them.


Meccanicaedintorni     Italian metalworking forum, mainly CNC.


Modelbouwforum     Dutch forum covering many hobbies, metalworking being one of them.


Modell-Dampf-Forum     German metalworking forum, content mainly linked to model making, steam engines typically.


Tekniksidan     Swedish Metalworking forum.


Usinages     A French metalworking forum.


Zerspanungsbude     German metalworking forum.


FORUMS Harold Hall










1. Stuart 10 V and 10 H Engines.

2. Basic Dividing Head.              

3. End Mill Sharpening Fixture.    

4. Advanced Grinding Rest.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the pages with details for making the item.

Caliper2PC A forum, based mostly on using a Digital Read Out with a PC, on a machine tool. Having English and Deutsch speaking sections.