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Grinding Rest, Advanced        Harold Hall

Sharpening workshop tools is probably one of the least understood workshop process which is unfortunate as working with blunt cutters diminishes the satisfaction gained from most workshop activities. This, mainly due to the lack of any sharpening equipment, beyond that of an off hand grinder, their cost, and no doubt, space for, being reasons for the absence.


To overcome this hurdle I have developed two grinding rests that, with accessories, are capable of carrying out most tasks that a tool and cutter grinder will, and with comparable results.


This page illustrates the more advanced rest, for which, the design drawings, together with the method of making it,  can be found in my book “Milling a Complete Course” in the Workshop Practice series.  However, the contents of this book are now also being published by Fox Chapel Publishing in the United States with the title “Milling for Home Machinists”  For details of both click on the books front cover, right.


The viewer considering making the rest should also look at my page detailing a method of mounting the rests that makes it somewhat easier to use. I have though, with experience of its use, made three simple modifications which are worth considering. They can be very easily incorporated into an existing rest or a  new build. Details can be found here.


See my  page  for details of the simpler rest ,and using either.

Also links to videos showing them being used for a range of sharpening tasks.

Grinding Rest, Advanced
Grinding Rest Advanced, Accessories
Grinding Rest, Advanced, Using

All pictures can be clicked on to provide a larger view



Unfortunately, due to the book’s size, the assembly drawing is small making the finer detail difficult to see. I have therefore produced a pdf  of the upper portion  being the part with the most of the fine detail.


The links to my videos related to my grinding rests have been moved and can now be found here