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In this section I am including a large number of designs for workshop equipment that I have had published in the Model Engineers’ Workshop magazine over the twenty years that I had been writing for it. All the necessary drawings being included together with details of the manufacturing methods. In addition to the workshop items, many of my articles on workshop processes are also included. The additions are an ongoing project and new pages are still being added.


Further pages includes workshop tips, workshop data such as drill sizes for tapping  and the gallery showing a few of the items I have made. Also included are details of the eight metalworking books I have written and are published in the Workshop Practice Series, four of which are now being published in the US by Fox Chapel Publishing. Do note that whilst having only slight changes they are otherwise identical with the workshop practice series but with different titles and front cover pictures. See here for more detail.


Copyright Material Do feel free to make copies of  the drawings, or the data charts,  for your personal use remembering that the contents of the pages are copyright material and not to be used beyond that purpose.  This particularly applies to the drawings and data charts that should not be published in any form, including republishing them on the Internet, typically within a forum.  


I am happy for viewers to extract photographs from my site to add to a forum, or similar, to highlight some item being made. Do though please quote my web site as the source of the design.


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Latest additions

Quite different from my normal “Latest Additions” but I have added to my Personal pages details of two American ships that sunk off the island of Islay (one of our holiday islands) during the first world war with the loss of over 400 Americans, also, the help given by the islanders at the time. Click here to go to my Islay pages, then again at the bottom of the page that comes up.