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Tailstock Turret   Harold Hall

If faced with producing a quantity of identical parts on the lathe requiring to be drilled and tapped, it will become a case of fit centre drill, remove and fit drill, remove and fit tap and repeat for each part to be made. Even for say three or four parts this can be a chore.  A simple tailstock turret, as seen in Photograph 1, will however avoid the situation and it will be worth equipping the workshop with one. Photograph 2 shows it set up for the task.


Of course, this is not the only task for the device, another, just drilling a hole will need a centre drill and drill to be interchanged for each part being made.


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Tailstock Turret
Tailstock Turret

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Click here to see a video, produced by Jordi Tomàs, showing the Turret being used.