Harold Hall


Workshop Projects


Setting the slots length.

Lay a rule on the body aligning the left hand edge with the 12.00 and 6.00 marks, then using a second rule traverse the table until the needle point is 20mm from the rule's edge as shown in Photograph 9 and set the table stop to this point. It may be visible in the photograph that the measurement being set is just 18mm but I decided that the T slot may break into the parallel bore at the back and moved it back 2mm, but this was after I took the shot.


Machining the long T Slots.

Fit a 10mm slot drill and machine to a depth of just less than 15mm which of course has to be accomplished in stages the table stop having been set will fix the slots length. Having completed the first slot, loosen the clamps holding the body and rotate by 90°, that is missing one mark, and then carefully align the two marks, re fasten and make the second slot, repeating for slots 3 and 4, Photograph 10.


Machining the short T Slots

Set the body to one of the intermediate marks and commence to make one of the shorter slots but using a distance piece 14mm long between the table stops to limit the travel. When at the required length remove the distance piece and reset the table stop to this position and with that done make the four shorter slots in the same way as was done for the longer ones.


Finalising the T slot

Replace the slot drill with the T slot cutter and commence to make the shorter slots first as the table stop is already set for that length. Having made the shorter slots move the table stop again using the 14mm distance piece and make the four longer slots, Photograph 11.


With that done the body is virtually complete and whilst relatively large it is a simple component to make if using the above sequence.



Jaws 2

Whilst the jaws are complex in terms of shape and position of the drilled holes none of the individual operations required are difficult, I do not intend therefore to go into each phase of their manufacture in detail.

Needle Point centre finder
Four Jaw Chuck, an alternative, making
Four Jaw Chuck, an alternative, making