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Faceplate Balancing Fixture,     Harold Hall

Balancing a faceplate together with its workpiece is rarely easy when fitted to the lathes mandrel, largely due to the friction in the lathe's bearings, etc.. Also, keeping the drive belts away from the pulleys can be a problem for a belt driven lathe.


The main feature of the fixture, Photograph 1, is that it is made using cheap balls, typically from a cycle repair shop, between three faces, Sk.1. This permits the assembly to be adjusted so that the spindle runs very freely but with minimal clearance. With an empty faceplate fitted and a substantial swing it will run for 25 seconds compared to only two on my Myford Series Seven. A much superior balance can as a result be achieve enabling a higher running speed to be used as the machining being undertaken requires.


It also enables the faceplate to be positioned horizontally for fitting and positioning the workpiece, Photograph 2, and then vertically for balancing, Photograph 3.


The design drawings and some guidance for making it are in my book,

Model Engineers' Workshop Projects in the Workshop Practice Series.


See also my pages on using the lathe's faceplate.

"Model Engineers' Workshop Projects"
Faceplate Balancing Fixture
Faceplate Balancing Fixture
Faceplate Balancing Fixture






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